Aurifil Threads Mako 50

Aurifil Cotton Thread Number 50 – 1300m Reels

Aurifil is a fine weight thread number 50, so the thread can disappear into your fabric. Use for a straight stitch, small zig zag , Blind hemming stitch, Blanket stitch and fantastic for piecing. Consider using Aurifil Mako 50 in your bobbin, it makes a great bobbin thread to balance out all top threads.

The recommended machine needle for this fine thread is a size 70/10 to 80/12. The Microtex Needle may be used for the most delicate and straight stitch.

Use also for hand applique, bobbin lace and machine lace.

Click on a product image for more information and a detailed image. The colour has been faithfully reproduced but may differ slightly on your computer screen to the actual colour.

Input the quantity against as many colours as you like and add to the basket at the same time!
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Aurifil.50 Col.1100 Strawberry (8,7)
Aurifil.50 Col.1103 Rusty.Red (6,6)
Aurifil.50 Col.1104 Bright.Orange (5,3)
Aurifil.50 Col.1114 Meadow R2 (2,7)
Aurifil.50 Col.1125 Asriatic.Blue R2 (8,5)
Aurifil.50 Col.1126 Blue.Heather R2 (12,2)
Aurifil.50 Col.1128 Copen.Blue R2 (9,7)
Aurifil.50 Col.1130 Bark (16,7)
Aurifil.50 Col.1133 Tangerine (4,5)
Aurifil.50 Col.1135 Sunflower (2,4)
Aurifil.50 Col.1140 Cypress (16,5)
Aurifil.50 Col.1147 Yellow.Green R2 (1,7)
Aurifil.50 Col.1148 Med.Teal R2 (6,7)
Aurifil.50 Col.1154 Orange (5,2)
Aurifil.50 Col.1158 Dark.Gray R2 (12,5)
Aurifil.50 Col.1200 Blue.Violet R2 (11,4)
Aurifil.50 Col.1231 Peapod R2 (2,3)
Aurifil.50 Col.1240 Eggplant (9,7)
Aurifil.50 Col.1243 Lilac (10,5)
Aurifil.50 Col.1246 Blue.Gray R2 (12,6)
Aurifil.50 Col.1248 Stormy.sea R2 (11,7)
Aurifil.50 Col.1285 Brown (16,3)
Aurifil.50 Col.1310 Lemoges.Blue R2 (12,1)
Aurifil.50 Col.1318 Coconut (17,6)
Aurifil.50 Col.1320 Ultra.Blue R2 (8,7)
Aurifil.50 Col.2000 Med.Calico (1,3)
Aurifil.50 Col.2021 Canvas.White (1,4)
Aurifil.50 Col.2024 White (1,1)
Aurifil.50 Col.2026 Cream (2,1)
Aurifil.50 Col.2105 Lemonade (3,3)
Aurifil.50 Col.2110 Lt.Yellow (2,2)
Aurifil.50 Col.2115 Sun (2,6)
Aurifil.50 Col.2120 Yellow.Work (2,7)
Aurifil.50 Col.2123 Maize (3,1)
Aurifil.50 Col.2125 Yellow (2,3)
Aurifil.50 Col.2130 Light lemon (3,1)
Aurifil.50 Col.2132 Honey (3,7)
Aurifil.50 Col.2134 Gold (3,6)
Aurifil.50 Col.2135 Gold/ Yellow (2,5)
Aurifil.50 Col.2140 Dark Gold (4,1)
Aurifil.50 Col.2145 Honeydew (4,2)
Aurifil.50 Col.2150 Golden.Poppys (4,6)
Aurifil.50 Col.2155 Hazel (5,7)
Aurifil.50 Col.2205 Beige/Pink(12,5)
Aurifil.50 Col.2210 Tan (15,2)
Aurifil.50 Col.2214 Mimosa (4,3)
Aurifil.50 Col.2215 Dusty.Peach (12,6)
Aurifil.50 Col.2220 Salmon (13,1)
Aurifil.50 Col.2225 Salfron (12,7)
Aurifil.50 Col.2230 Crimson (5,6)
Aurifil.50 Col.2235 Pumpkin (4,7)
Aurifil.50 Col.2240 LT.Rust (5,1)
Aurifil.50 Col.2245 Poppy Red (5,4)
Aurifil.50 Col.2250 Postbox.Red (6,4)
Aurifil.50 Col.2255 Dark.Orange (6,1)
Aurifil.50 Col.2260 Deep Maroon (6,5)
Aurifil.50 Col.2265 Cardinal.Red (6,3)
Aurifil.50 Col.2270 Regal.Red (6,2)
Aurifil.50 Col.2277 Sunkist (5,5)
Aurifil.50 Col.2309 Off- Ivory (14,5)
Aurifil.50 Col.2310 Cream (12,3)
Aurifil.50 Col.2311 Off white (12,2)
Aurifil.50 Col.2312 Beige (18,1)
Aurifil.50 Col.2314 Light brown (14,7)
Aurifil.50 Col.2315 Cream/ pink (12,4)
Price Each: £8.60

3 colours for £24.45

6 colours for £47.00

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