Fantastico 2000 Yds Cone

After many years in development, Superior Threads now have a 2000yds Multicoloured polyester thread that has the high sheen of trilobal and the strength of filament polyester.

Fantastico is a high tenacity (strength), high sheen trilobal filament polyester , unlike any other thread. Here’s why:

Fantasico consists of four main strands of thread. Each of these four main strands consist of 48 high strength micro-strands. Two 48 micro-strands are twisted together into Set A. Another two sets of 48 micro-strands are twisted together into Set B. Then Set A (total 96 micro-strands) and Set B (total 96 micro-strands) are twisted together to make the final product.

Fantastico is a thread made of 192 high-sheen, high strength micro-strands. The result is a strong, bright, beautiful 40 wt. thread ideal for quilting and embroidery.

Recommended Needle is: Topstitch 90/14.

Input the quantity required against as many colours as you like & add to basket at the same time!
Click on a colour image for product information and colour description.
Fantastico Col.5001 Pancake
Fantastico Col.5002 Marble
Fantastico Col.5003 Magic.Carpet
Fantastico Col.5004 Baby.Quinn
Fantastico Col.5005 October
Fantastico Col.5006 Niagara
Fantastico Col.5007 Wales
Fantastico Col.5008 Shades.Of.Vanilla
Fantastico Col.5010 Spice.Cake
Fantastico Col.5011 Stained.Glass
Fantastico Col.5012 Molokini
Fantastico Col.5014 Pine.Valley
Fantastico Col.5017 Lava.Flow
Fantastico Col.5019
Fantastico Col.5020
Fantastico Col.5021 Batik.Blue
Fantastico Col.5022 Samoa
Fantastico Col.5023 Orange
Fantastico Col.5024 Opalescence
Fantastico Col.5026 Eden
Fantastico Col.5027 Cha.Cha
Fantastico Col.5028 Peacock.Plume
Fantastico Col.5029 Wishing.Well
Fantastico Col.5030 Bridal.Pink
Fantastico Col.5031 Giggles
Fantastico Col.5032 Disco
Fantastico Col.5033 Good.Old.USA
Fantastico Col.5034 Tis.The.Season
Fantastico Col.5035 Cashmere
Fantastico Col.5036 Wood.Grain
Fantastico Col.5037 Her Majesty
Fantastico Col.5038 Unicorn
Fantastico Col.5039 Aloha
Fantastico Col.5041 King's.Crown
Fantastico Col.5043 Flower.Power
Fantastico Col.5044 Razzamatazz
Fantastico Col.5045 Blaze
Fantastico Col.5046 Kings.And.Queens
Fantastico Col.5048 Vogue
Fantastico Col.5049 Dynasty
Fantastico Col.5050 Christmas.Chance
Fantastico Col.5052 Golden.Sunflower
Fantastico Col.5053 Walnut
Fantastico Col.5054 Dixie.Forest
Fantastico Col.5061 Desert.Sage
Fantastico Col.5062 Glowing.Green
Fantastico Col.5063 Big.Willow
Fantastico Col.5064
Fantastico Col.5065 Scrub.Oak
Fantastico Col.5067 Thorny.Thicket
Fantastico Col.5069 Kentucky.Bluegrass
Fantastico Col.5073 Portrait.Peach
Fantastico Col.5074 Dynamite
Fantastico Col.5075 Silverado
Fantastico Col.5076 Sultan
Fantastico Col.5077 Oyster.Shell
Fantastico Col.5078 Elegance
Fantastico Col.5081 Briarwood
Fantastico Col.5082
Fantastico Col.5083 Arizona
Fantastico Col.5084 Orange.You.Glad
Fantastico Col.5085 Mango.Salsa
Fantastico Col.5086 Solar.Flare
Fantastico Col.5087 Cornsilk
Fantastico Col.5089 Mesa
Price Each: £13.94

MultiSave: 3 colours for £34.92
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