Kimono Silk - 1090 Yds

Kimono Min Cones are ONLY available to order. Please be aware there will be maximum delay of 6 working days before despatch. If you require any further information, please call us on Freephone 0800 018 1002

Kimono Silk™ (1090yds) is the finest Japanese Silk Thread ideal for hand appliqué and invisible machine appliqué. This #100 silk disappears, hiding stitches and allowing the fabric to lie flat. Perfect curves and points at last!

Kimono Silk™ #100 is excellent for fine detail quilting, adding a lustrous sheen, whether on a longarm or a domestic sewing machine with 80 great colours to choose from.

Recommended Needle is: Topstitch 70/10 or 80/12. The recommended bobbin thread is a matching colour of The Bottomline. The smoothness of The Bottom Line allows the silk to stay on top and not be pulled down into the pile.

Input the quantity required against as many colours as you like & add to basket at the same time!
Click on a colour image for product information and colour description.
Col.301 Ichiban 1090yds
Col.302 Origami 1090yds
Col.303 Rising Sun 1090yds
Col.304 Golden Pavilion 1090yds
Col.305 Maui Sand 1090yds
Col.306 Buttercup 1090yds
Col.307 Tuscan Sun 1090yds
Col.308 Rickshaw 1090yds
Col.309 Cherry Blossom 1090yds
Col.310 Hello Kitty 1090yds
Col.311 Grandma's Kisses 1090yds
Col.312 Prickly Pear Purple 1090yds
Col.313 Ginger Flower 1090
Col.314 Pagoda 1090yds
Col.315 Sedona Sunrise 1090yds
Col.316 Lego Brick 1090yds
Col.317 Orenji 1090yds
Col.318 Gieisha 1090yds
Col.319 Hezza 1090yds
Col.320 Mildred 1090yds
Col.321 Tokyo Rose 1090yds
Col.322 Raspberry Truffle 1090yds
Col.323 Obi-One 1090yds
Col.324 Twilight 1090yds
Col.325 Plum Sauce 1090
Col.326 Lady Longhorn 1090yds
Col.327Princess 1090yds
Col.328 Payson Purple 1090yds
Col.329 Emperor 1090yds
Col.330 Purple Susan 1090yds
Col.331 Samurai 1090yds
Col.332 Imperial Blue 1090yds
Col.333 Dripping Springs 1090yds
Col.334 Baby Jonathan 1090yds
Col.335 Monsoon 1090yds
Col.336 Tsunami 1090yds
Col.337 Sumo 1090yds
Col.338 Mom's Smiling Eyes 1090yds
Col.339 Rondon Blue 1090yds
Col.340 Bullet Train 1090yds
Col.341 Misty Mountains 1090yds
Col.342 Glacier Ice 1090yds
Col.343 Okinawa 1090yds
Col.344 Fossil Creek 1090yds
Col.345 Kyoto 1090yds
Col.346 Sensei 1090yds
Col.347 Mermaid Wishes 1090yds
Col.348 Osaka 1090yds
Col.349 Godzilla Green 1090yds
Col.350 Bonsai Tree 1090yds
Col.351 Midori 1090yds
Col.352 Tea Time 1090yds
Col.353 Wasabi 1090yds
Col.354 Lime Ricci 1090yds
Col.355 Mossy Oak 1090yds
Col.356 Minto 1090yds
Col.357 New Bamboo 1090yds
Col.358 Saguaro 1090yds
Col.359 Mori 1090yds
Col.360 Garden Green 1090yds
Col.361 Seaweed 1090yds
Col.362 Coues Deer 1090yds
Col.363 Dilly Bear Brown 1090yds
Col.364 Mississippi Mud 1090yds
Col.365 Sesame 1090yds

New Arrivals

Col.380 Black Belt 1090yds
Added: 28/03/2017
(0 reviews)  
#100 Pure Silk thread by Superior Threads. Kimono Silk.
including VAT
Col.379 Castle Gray 1090yds
Added: 28/03/2017
(0 reviews)  
#100 Pure Silk thread by Superior Threads. Kimono Silk.
including VAT
Col.378 African Gray 1090yds
Added: 28/03/2017
(0 reviews)  
#100 Pure Silk thread by Superior Threads. Kimono Silk.
including VAT
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