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The exclusive Barnyarns Embroidery Set has been designed for the beginner, or professional, looking to build a beautiful range of colours from Madeira’s Classic Rayon 40 and their premium 40 weight Metallic thread.
The pack includes 13 reels of Madeira Classic 40, 3 reels of Madeira Premium Metallic 40, 1 reel of Bobbin thread, 1 pack of Schmetz Topstitch 90/14 Needles, just perfect to run both the Rayon and metallic threads, a printed Madeira Rayon colour card and of course the thread storage box to keep your threads clean, neat and tidy.
200m reels are designed specifically for the home user and, can be used on any home machine and on all fabrics from the finest silk to the heaviest denim - bringing colour and quality to your work.  Each reel goes a long way, in fact a 200m reel will produce 40,000 stitches, which is more than enough for five average designs. With this size of reel, you can afford to buy even more thread and build your colour range!
Madeira Classic Rayon 40 - is Madeira’s flagship product, used throughout the world. The thread is certified for its high quality, with a high tensile strength, the thread will run on any machine. It is specifically designed to run at the very high speeds demanded by todays fully automated computerised embroidery and sewing machines, both for industrial embroidery and for the home user
Madeira Metallic 40 - is a premium metallic thread to add glitter and sparkle to your work.   Metallic threads do cause frustrations, but with this thread, using the enclosed topstitch needle, a low top tension and a little care you will successfully use these beautiful threads to enhance your work.
Madeira Bobbinfil 70 – to produce the perfect stitch you need a top thread and a bottom thread (bobbin thread) The best bobbin thread should be made from polyester (no lint to clean up) be nice and fine (to add no bulk to the top thread) and be comparatively strong.  This is Madeira Bobbinfil.  If your top tension is set correctly you will not see the bottom thread on top, so consider a purpose made bobbin thread over the same thread top and bottom, it will save you money!
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The Spool Value Equation 

A typical embroidery design contains 6,000 stitches in 6 colours. This means that a 200m spool with it's 40,000 stitches will produce 40 designs on average. That's plenty of thread for most home users. In fact with the spool size, you can afford to buy thread more often and experiment with new colours and textures.

Barnyarns has long been the primary retailer of Madeira hand and Madeira machine embroidery thread in the UK. We stock Madeira complete range, all of which can be purchased online & delivered straight to your door.

Colours Contained

Top Row – Rayon Col.1000, Rayon Col.1147, Rayon Col.1122, Rayon Col.1166, Rayon Col.1025, 9842- Gold 8

Middle Row  – Rayon Col.1001, Rayon Col.1309, Rayon Col.1031, Rayon Col.1132, Rayon Col.1248, 9842- Gold 6

Bottom Row  – Bobbinfil No 70 Col.1001 (500m), Rayon Col.1110, Rayon Col.1033, Rayon Col.1295. Rayon Col.1051, 9842- Silver

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