Madeira Metallic 40 200m

Trying to turn real metal into a smooth-sewing thread is not an easy task. Don't go for 'cheap' metallic threads, there are quality metallic threads available, like these threads from Madeira, at prices less expensive than some of those very poor imitators.

Madeira Metallic Thread is the standard weight of machine metallic thread and Madeira's most widely used metallic thread.

51 colours on 200m reels to offer the best metallic colour selection available. The colour range is simply fantastic. Larger reels of 1000m are also available in selected colours.

You must use a size 90 Topstitch needle for the best results when embroidering with metallic threads with your tension down to '1'.

Metallic 40 is also used extensively as a blending filament and is the basis of Madeira's 'Rainbow' GlissenGloss.

For best results when embroidering with metallic threads take a look at our fact sheet on needles.

Input the quantity required against as many colours as you like and add to the basket at the same time!
Click on a colour for more product information.
Full Range Set £149.99 + TB
Metallic.40 Col.12
Metallic.40 Col.13
Metallic.40 Col.15
Metallic.40 Col.18
Metallic.40 Col.21
Metallic.40 Col.22
Metallic.40 Col.225
Metallic.40 Col.228
Metallic.40 Col.24
Metallic.40 Col.25
Metallic.40 Col.251
Metallic.40 Col.260
Metallic.40 Col.262
Metallic.40 Col.270
Metallic.40 Col.273
Metallic.40 Col.274
Metallic.40 Col.275
Metallic.40 Col.278
Metallic.40 Col.28
Metallic.40 Col.280
Metallic.40 Col.289
Metallic.40 Col.29
Metallic.40 Col.30
Metallic.40 Col.300
Metallic.40 Col.301
Metallic.40 Col.302
Metallic.40 Col.303
Metallic.40 Col.305
Metallic.40 Col.306
Metallic.40 Col.307
Metallic.40 Col.311
Metallic.40 Col.313
Metallic.40 Col.315
Metallic.40 Col.320
Metallic.40 Col.321
Metallic.40 Col.322
Metallic.40 Col.324
Metallic.40 Col.326
Metallic.40 Col.33
Metallic.40 Col.333
Metallic.40 Col.338
Metallic.40 Col.342
Metallic.40 Col.352
Metallic.40 Col.358
Metallic.40 Col.360
Metallic.40 Col.361
Metallic.40 Col.362
Metallic.40 Col.37
Metallic.40 Col.38
Metallic.40 Col.41
Metallic.40 Col.412
Metallic.40 Col.414
Metallic.40 Col.422
Metallic.40 Col.424
Metallic.40 Col.425
Metallic.40 Col.426
Metallic.40 Col.428
Metallic.40 Col.439
Metallic.40 Col.44
Metallic.40 Col.441
Metallic.40 Col.442
Metallic.40 Col.452
Metallic.40 Col.457
Metallic.40 Col.460
Price Each: £3.14

MultiSave: 3 colours for £8.90
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