Madeira Polyneon 40 1000m Greens

Madeira PolyNeon is suitable for all types of machine embroidery. Used as the thread of choice in the US, PolyNeon can also be used for work wear, sports and swimwear.

The Recommended Needle is: Size 75/11 - Reel Size 1000m.

Madeira 1000m cops are now on the new Mini-Snap Cone. The new design is an improvement on the old design and prevents the thread from slipping off the cone. When you have finished using the thread, lock down the thread in the base of the mini-cone by pushing the thread into the notch and sliding it around the groove.

If you're unsure the new mini cone will fit your machine, we suggest you use a cone stand like this one.

Input the quantity required against as many colours as you like and add to the basket at the same time!
Click on a colour for more product information.
PolyNeon.40 Col.1645
PolyNeon.40 Col.1647
PolyNeon.40 Col.1648
PolyNeon.40 Col.1649
PolyNeon.40 Col.1650
PolyNeon.40 Col.1651
PolyNeon.40 Col.1652
PolyNeon.40 Col.1668
PolyNeon.40 Col.1669
PolyNeon.40 Col.1690
PolyNeon.40 Col.1692
PolyNeon.40 Col.1701
PolyNeon.40 Col.1702
PolyNeon.40 Col.1703
PolyNeon.40 Col.1704
PolyNeon.40 Col.1705
PolyNeon.40 Col.1706
PolyNeon.40 Col.1746
PolyNeon.40 Col.1748
PolyNeon.40 Col.1749
PolyNeon.40 Col.1750
PolyNeon.40 Col.1751
PolyNeon.40 Col.1756
PolyNeon.40 Col.1757
PolyNeon.40 Col.1759
PolyNeon.40 Col.1768
PolyNeon.40 Col.1769
PolyNeon.40 Col.1770
PolyNeon.40 Col.1780
PolyNeon.40 Col.1790
PolyNeon.40 Col.1793
PolyNeon.40 Col.1794
PolyNeon.40 Col.1795
PolyNeon.40 Col.1796
PolyNeon.40 Col.1798
PolyNeon.40 Col.1809
PolyNeon.40 Col.1845
PolyNeon.40 Col.1847
PolyNeon.40 Col.1848
PolyNeon.40 Col.1849
PolyNeon.40 Col.1851
PolyNeon.40 Col.1868
PolyNeon.40 Col.1879
PolyNeon.40 Col.1900
PolyNeon.40 Col.1902
PolyNeon.40 Col.1903
PolyNeon.40 Col.1904
PolyNeon.40 Col.1905
PolyNeon.40 Col.1920
PolyNeon.40 Col.1940
PolyNeon.40 Col.1956
PolyNeon.40 Col.1968
PolyNeon.40 Col.1969
PolyNeon.40 Col.1970
PolyNeon.40 Col.1979
PolyNeon.40 Col.1985
PolyNeon.40 Col.1988
PolyNeon.40 Col.1989
PolyNeon.40 Col.1996
Price Each: £2.90

MultiSave: 3 colours for £8.00
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