Madeira Polyneon 40 1000m Red & Pinks

Madeira PolyNeon is suitable for all types of machine embroidery. Used as the thread of choice in the US, PolyNeon can also be used for work wear, sports and swimwear.

The Recommended Needle is: Size 75/11 - Reel Size 1000m.

Madeira 1000m cops are now on the new Mini-Snap Cone. The new design is an improvement on the old design and prevents the thread from slipping off the cone. When you have finished using the thread, lock down the thread in the base of the mini-cone by pushing the thread into the notch and sliding it around the groove.

If you're unsure the new mini cone will fit your machine, we suggest you use a cone stand like this one.

Input the quantity required against as many colours as you like and add to the basket at the same time!
Click on a colour for more product information.
PolyNeon.40 Col.1616
PolyNeon.40 Col.1620
PolyNeon.40 Col.1635
PolyNeon.40 Col.1637
PolyNeon.40 Col.1638
PolyNeon.40 Col.1639
PolyNeon.40 Col.1653
PolyNeon.40 Col.1681
PolyNeon.40 Col.1707
PolyNeon.40 Col.1709
PolyNeon.40 Col.1713
PolyNeon.40 Col.1721
PolyNeon.40 Col.1734
PolyNeon.40 Col.1747
PolyNeon.40 Col.1754
PolyNeon.40 Col.1777
PolyNeon.40 Col.1779
PolyNeon.40 Col.1781
PolyNeon.40 Col.1782
PolyNeon.40 Col.1784
PolyNeon.40 Col.1786
PolyNeon.40 Col.1787
PolyNeon.40 Col.1815
PolyNeon.40 Col.1816
PolyNeon.40 Col.1817
PolyNeon.40 Col.1818
PolyNeon.40 Col.1819
PolyNeon.40 Col.1820
PolyNeon.40 Col.1835
PolyNeon.40 Col.1838
PolyNeon.40 Col.1839
PolyNeon.40 Col.1853
PolyNeon.40 Col.1878
PolyNeon.40 Col.1882
PolyNeon.40 Col.1915
PolyNeon.40 Col.1919
PolyNeon.40 Col.1921
PolyNeon.40 Col.1941
PolyNeon.40 Col.1942
PolyNeon.40 Col.1948
PolyNeon.40 Col.1974
PolyNeon.40 Col.1981
PolyNeon.40 Col.1982
PolyNeon.40 Col.1984
PolyNeon.40 Col.1986
PolyNeon.40 Col.1990
PolyNeon.40 Col.1993
PolyNeon.40 Col.1994
Price Each: £2.90

MultiSave: 3 colours for £8.00
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