Madeira Threads

Barnyarns has long been the primary retailer of Madeira hand embroidery thread and Madeira machine embroidery thread in the UK. Below we have a quick guide to some of the threads in the range, all of which can be purchased online & delivered straight to your door.

Madeira Treasure Chest

The beautiful Madeira Chest is indeed a real Tresure Chest full of Madeira Thread for the machine. The Madeira Treasure Chest is packed with the complete range of Madeira Rayon 40 on 200m spools and a good selection of metallics. If you want to treat yourself to a full range set or buy a gift this is perfect, just click on the Madeira Treasure Chest link! Madeira Treasure Chest

Madeira Classic 40

Madeira Thread - Classic 40 is Madeira Threads most widely known thread, famous not only for its' certified quality and high tensile strength, but for runnability as well (less breaks = higher productivity). Manufactured from the best high quality tensile rayon, it will run at the very high speeds demanded by today's fully automated computerised embroidery machines & sewing machines, both for industrial applications and for the home user. Madeira Classic 40 is washable to 95C and can be embroidered on any fabric, including Denim and Leather. Classic 40 is Madeira's standard weight of machine embroidery thread and gives the final embroidery a high sheen finish. Madeira Classic 40

Madeira Classic 30 (Sticku)

Madeira Thread Classic 30, formally known as Sticku. Madeira Classic 30 is thicker than Madeira Classic 40. Its added weight makes it ideal for embroidering large areas and where a fuller look is required. It also makes fantastic tassels and gives the final embroidery a high sheen finish. Madeira Classic 30

Madeira Classic 60 (Toledo)

Madeira Thread Classic 60, formally known as Toledo. Madeira Classic 60 is finer than Madeira Classic 40. It is the lightest weight of Madeira Rayon & is suitable for delicate work and fine monogramming and gives the final embroidery a high sheen finish. Madeira Classic 60

Madeira PolyNeon

Madeira PolyNeon 40 is a specially developed, colour-fast machine embroidery thread, with a high fastness to chlorine and soda. Suitable for any type of embroidery, but particularly work wear, including hotel/catering and food trade items, sports and security wear, and swimwear. Madeira PolyNeon is the recommended embroidery thread for stonewashing and for special use on childrenswear. Madeira Polyneon 40

Madeira Lana 12

Madeira Lana offers a matt contrast to the usual shiny machine threads. It is a lovely textured yarn, looking and feeling like a very fine wool.

As Madeira Lana is a thicker thread (with a weight of No.12) we recommend you use a large eyed needle, preferably the Schmetz Topstitch in size 90 or 100. You will find you will require fewer stitches to cover your work compared to a standard weight embroidery thread such as Madeira Classic 40. You can give a design a unique Lana furry feel by gently brushing over the embroidered area with a small brush or piece of Velcro. Great as a hand thread too. Use small lengths. Try for dolls clothes etc. Madeira Lana 

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