Masterpiece 2500yds Cone

Masterpiece is yet another example of why these threads are called 'Superior'. Made from the very best, pick of the crop, extra Long Staple Egyptian Cotton, this thread is 'Natures Finest Thread'.

Masterpiece is a No.50/3 extra long Staple Egyptian Cotton that is ideal for today’s quilter. It is fine and smooth and a delight to work with. It is wonderful for piecing, quilting and also in the bobbin. Accuracy when piecing becomes instantly enhanced because Masterpiece creates a very smooth, flat and even seam which does not add any bulk. A flatter seam is especially important when sewing together blocks that contain many points.

For machine quilting, Masterpiece softly blends into the quilt layers and because it is made with the worlds best raw material there is very low lint and it is the strongest cotton thread available. This results in a cleaner sewing machine, less breakage, less frustration and less downtime. -kindly written by Alex Anderson-

Recommended Needle is: Topstitch Size 80/12.

Wherever possible cones will be despatched from stock. As we are building our stocks, colours that are not available for immediate despatch may have a delay of 5 working days.

Input the quantity required against as many colours as you like and add to the basket at the same time! Click on a colour for more product information.
MP.112 Seashelly 2500yds
MP.113 Peony 2500yds
MP.114 Sweet.Pea 2500yds
MP.115 Majestic 2500yds
MP.116 Picasso.Pink 2500yds
MP.117 Smart.Alex 2500yds
MP.118 Renae.Red 2500yds
MP.119 Day.Lily 2500yds
MP.120 Clementine 2500yds
MP.121 Cezanne 2500yds
MP.122 Kinkade 2500yds
MP.123 Lemonade 2500yds
MP.124 Yellow.Rose 2500yds
MP.125 Soleil 2500yds
MP.126 Simply.Yellow 2500yds
MP.127 SubLime 2500yds
MP.128 Green.With.Envy 2500yds
MP.129 Grassias 2500yds
MP.130 Kelli.Green 2500yds
MP.131 Monet.Green 2500yds
MP.132 Wise.One 2500yds
MP.133 Meadow 2500yds
MP.134 Fig.Leaf 2500yds
MP.135 Da.Vinci 2500yds
MP.136 Fresco 2500yds
MP.137 Baby.Jeffy 2500yds
MP.138 Azure 2500yds
MP.139 Marine.Blue 2500yds
MP.140 French.Blue 2500yds
MP.141 Starry.Starry.Night 2500yds
MP.142 Aquarius 2500yds
MP.143 Wailea 2500yds
MP.144 Purple.Hydrangea 2500yds
MP.145 Mona.Lisa 2500yds
MP.146 Mother.of.Bride 2500yds
MP.147 Lavender 2500yds
MP.148 Pop.Art.Purple 2500yds
MP.149 Princely 2500yds
MP.150 Grapevine 2500yds
MP.151 Canvas 2500yds
MP.152 Bisque 2500yds
MP.153 Parchment 2500yds
MP.154 Sculptor's.Clay 2500yds
MP.155 Graystone 2500yds
MP.156 Granite 2500yds
MP.157 Wheat.Fields 2500yds
MP.158 Moccasin 2500yds
MP.159 Paint.Brush 2500yds
MP.160 Chocolate 2500yds
MP.161 Raven 2500yds
MP.162 Renoir 2500yds
MP.163 Botticelli 2500yds
MP.164 Donatello 2500yds
MP.165 Raphael 2500yds
MP.166 Michelangelo 2500yds
MP.167 Rembrandt 2500yds
MP.168 El.Greco 2500yds
MP.169 Van.Gogh 2500yds
MP.170 Bernini 2500yds
MP.171 Sugarplum 2500yds
MP.172 Plumberry 2500yds
MP.173 Red.Hill 2500yds
MP.174 Indigo 2500yds
MP.175 Union.Blue 2500yds
MP.176 Waterloo 2500yds
Price Each: £22.44

MultiSave Price: 3 colours for £61.20
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