Superior King TUT - 2000 Yds

King Tut is a made from the very best extra long staple Egyptian Cotton, the 'pick of the crop'. Only a very small percentage of the cotton crop is classed as extra long staple which means that the fibres are roughly 10% longer than normal. Extra fibre length means more strength and better quality - that's King Tut.

As an addition to the very high quality of this product, the multicolours have a colour change interval of approximately 3.5cm (1.5") compared to other brands which can be anything from 13cm (5") - 30cm (12"). This thread is wonderful for machine quilting and Longarm quilting offering beautiful depth of colour and trouble free performance.

Recommended Needle is: Topstitch Size 90/14.

Wherever possible cones will be despatched from stock. As we are building our stocks, colours that are not available for immediate despatch may have a delay of 5 working days.

Input the quantity required against as many colours as you like and add to the basket at the same time!
Click on a colour for more product information.
KT.1000 Romy.Red 2000yds
KT.1001 St.Nick 2000yds
KT.1002 Holly.and.Ivy 2000yds
KT.1003 Glowing.Embers 2000yds
KT.1004 Cherry.Red 2000yds
KT.1005 Lemon.Grass 2000yds
KT.1006 Dill 2000yds
KT.1007 Olive.Branch 2000yds
KT.1008 Avocardo 2000yds
KT.1009 Jalapeno 2000yds
KT.1010 Oregano 2000yds
KT.1011 Raffia 2000yds
KT.1012 Barley.Sugar 2000yds
KT.1013 Butternut 2000yds
KT.1014 Orange.Zest 2000yds
KT.1015 Irish.Setter 2000yds
KT.1016 Cinnamon 2000yds
KT.1017 Brazil.Nut 2000yds
KT.1018 Petal.Pink 2000yds
KT.1019 Taffeta 2000yds
KT.1020 Raspberry.Ripple 2000yds
KT.1021 Amish.Red 2000yds
KT.1022 Emily 2000yds
KT.1023 Mint.Julep 2000yds
KT.1024 Chinese.Jade 2000yds
KT.1025 Rainy.Days 2000yds
KT.1026 Equinox 2000yds
KT.1027 Pewter 2000yds
KT.1028 Silver.Bullet 2000yds
KT.1029 Antigua 2000yds
KT.1030 Aegean Sea 2000yds
KT.1031 Edwardian.Blue 2000yds
KT.900 Sinai 2000yds
KT.901 Nefertiti 2000yds
KT.902 Stone.Age 2000yds
KT.903 Lapis.Lazuli 2000yds
KT.904 Mirage 2000yds
KT.905 Baby.Blankets 2000yds
KT.906 Autumn.Days 2000yds
KT.907 Aswan 2000yds
KT.908 Valley.of.Kings 2000yds
KT.909 Egypsy.Rose 2000yds
KT.910 Bulrushes 2000yds
KT.911 Flower.Pot 2000yds
KT.912 Saint.George 2000yds
KT.913 Jewel.of.The.Nile 2000yds
KT.914 Ramses.Red 2000yds
KT.915 Suez 2000yds
KT.916 Mummies 2000yds
KT.917 Pharaoh.Tales 2000yds
KT.918 Joseph's.Coat 2000yds
KT.919 Freedom 2000yds
KT.920 Sands.of.Time 2000yds
KT.921 Cleopatra 2000yds
KT.922 Harem 2000yds
KT.923 Fahl.Green 2000yds
KT.924 Limestone 2000yds
KT.925 Caravan 2000yds
KT.926 Red.Sea 2000yds
KT.927 De.Nile 2000yds
KT.928 Baby.Moses 2000yds
KT.929 Chariot of.Fire 2000yds
KT.930 Thebes 2000yds
KT.931 Passion.Fruit 2000yds
KT.932 Cairo 2000yds
Price Each: £24.95

MultiSave: 3 colours for £68.64
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