Superior Threads

What makes Superior Threads Superior?

Superior by name and Superior by nature! Superior Threads are the most beautiful threads to work with as they use the finest quality raw materials manufactured under the strictest guidelines.

Fantastic threads suitable for...

Machine embroidery
Superior machine threads can be used for either quilting or embroidery. The threads are delightfully finished to provide you with either a high sheen finish or matt finish, both look stunning. Designed so that the variegated colours change every inch, so no blocks of colour.

Machine quilting
Superior Threads are designed to blend and tone with todays modern quilting fabrics. If you are looking for a natural cotton thread to match your fabric, you really must try King Tut or Masterpiece, both are made with the best raw materials for the best possible results.

Longarm quilting
Superior Threads are FANTASTIC for Longarm quilting and are all available on the larger cones for better value. If you have a Longarm machine, please do contact us. Consider So Fine as your 'workhorse' thread with the look and feel of cotton but without the lint. Special prices for Longarm quilters too!

Hand quilting
Not all Superior Threads can be used for hand quilting, but those that can, like King Tut, work superbly. Made with the best cotton it has the built in strength required for hand use. The colours will still tone and blend for the perfect finish.

Educational point to note!

If you have a thread in your workbox that is misbehaving, consider that a low quality thread is the cause of 50% of your frustration. (The other 50% is made up from poor needle choice, incorrect thread tension, incorrect stabilizing and a machine that might not be in its best maintained state!) If you use a budget, low quality thread, you really cannot expect your expensive machine to compensate. Your machine cannot make a poor quality thread any better, it may struggle on, you may struggle on but ultimately your blood will boil. Start with a quality thread as you would a quality fabric that is worthy of your machine and your project. It doesn�t make sense to spend hundreds on your machine and a couple of pounds on budget thread.

The higher the quality of the thread, the less special handling will be required. Poor quality thread will break easily because it just does not have the basic ingredient required, good quality raw material. Make sure when you are selecting a thread, that the one you select is intended for your application. For example, do not choose a decorative embroidery thread to sew garments together! It will not work, it will break, and you will be disappointed, but it will not be the fault of the thread!

We have many more educational notes that are sent by email on a regular basis. To register for our emails, scroll to the bottom of this page and complete the form!

Good Thread, Bad Threads, and Ugly Threads!

Barnyarns is the primary distributor of Superior Threads in the UK. The full range can be seen on the UK Superior trade website Superior Threads It's our site so you can be assured of the same high standard of service and protection. The threads are FANTASTIC, run like a dream and look fantastic and are suitable for all types of machining, quilting or embroidery.

This topic is a difficult one to write because I prefer to emphasize the positive over the negative, but I can't think of another way to address this. We are often asked, "Is that £1.00 per spool thread OK to use?" If it were a quality thread, I would be the first to buy it, use it, and recommend it. Recently, there have been many reports regarding products from China. These include copyright infringements, impurities in medicines, poison in toothpaste, poison in pet food, lead in painted children's toys, and faulty tires. I was not surprised by any of these. Today, if the label says Made in Japan, it usually means it is the best quality in the world and they earned that image by focusing on quality first, with the belief that success would follow. As far as I can tell, China, India, and numerous other countries have no such focus. They want to sell, sell, sell, with little concern for quality, copyright issues, service, or honesty. Also, how about those labels that say, "Egyptian cotton. Made in India". Something doesn't add up here. We've had many discussions with thread companies in China and receive samples on a regular basis. They literally beg us to buy their products at very low prices. There hasn't been one product even getting close to being considered by us and they either refuse or do not have the technology to make high quality thread. Their cottons are linty, polyesters are oily, rayons are weak and usually not colourfast, and the twist on all types is not consistent. But it sure is cheap.

Any thread you can buy for a pound cannot have the quality that your machine and you deserve. I cringe when I hear of professional quilters using a budget overlocking thread which they bought on sale at a discount store because they don't want to spend or pass on to their customers the little extra for a high quality thread. I am not anti-China, India, or any other country. I lived in Asia for 10 years and love the area and return often to visit dear friends. But I am anti-cheap and low quality products. You have probably heard many times the wise counsel to buy the best sewing machine you can afford. All of us cannot afford the top of the line machines. Fortunately, the products you put into that machine (fabric and thread) are not as expensive as the machine and it is wise to buy the absolute best quality of each. You will notice the difference. In the thread world, the highest quality thread should be guaranteed to work - even metallic thread. We absolutely guarantee all products. If one does not work as intended, we'll buy it back. Quality thread should be smooth, free of bumps or slubs, without excess fuzz, and have a tight, smooth, consistent twist on it. It will keep your machine much cleaner which means fewer problems for you. If you could view a variety of threads though a magnifying glass, you would be amazed at the difference. The real test is in using it. You and your machine can tell the difference.

The above was such an interesting read that I thought it should be shared so I have reprinted it with the kind permission of Bob Purcell, Superior Threads. 

Superior King TUT

King Tut thread #40 is manufactured with the very best, extra long staple, Egyptian cotton. By using the best raw material in the world, we believe have produced one of the best natural threads in the world that just runs and runs. As well as using the best fibres, Superior King Tut designer threads are (as far as I know) the only random dyed cotton thread that changes colour every inch consistently throughout the whole of the thread. (The others change randomly). If you like what you read here please call us on 01765 690069 or email us on to request the printed colour card, Free Of Charge! To view the full range and for further information click here

Superior Rainbows

Superior threads have taken the very best from Mother Nature's pallet to create vivid Rainbows of colour for those special creations. Fifty rich and lustrous variegated colour patterns add warmth and dimension to embroidery, quilting or decorative stitching.

Rainbows are made from a strong trilobal filament (not spun poly) polyester thread, Rainbows is soft enough to sew the most detailed designs and has a sheen that rivals the finest silk.

But the best part of this thread........... is it's variegated colour intervals, which are a constant amazing 1 inch between colours (compared to 8 inches on other brands). Short, uniform colour intervals provide maximum variegated effects. To view the full range and for further information click here

Superior Bottomline

you can imagine a bobbin thread that virtually disappears as the top thread and bobbin thread harmonise, then you could well be thinking of 'The Bottom Line'.

This is an innovative bobbin thread for sewing with all types of top thread including metallics and designer threads. It's has a silk-like finish allowing it to slide, not grab, to form the perfect stitch. The Bottom Line is ideal for both machine and hand applique. The fine 60wt. thread disappears into the fabric resulting in perfect curves and sharp points. The lint-free, ultra-smooth surface prevents snagging and knotting. Due to its lint free quality, excellent colour choice and fine 60 weight, the Bottom Line is superb for heirloom sewing, fine lace work and intricate Trapunto.

Choosing thread colours is a complicated process. Neutral colours are subtle, blend well, and do not compete. They often have a chameleon-like quality which allows them to change or blend with surrounding colours. Neutral colours put the focus on other colours. Although neutral colours are often described as blacks, whites, grays, and browns, this list is not complete. Neutral colours can exist in every colour group including reds, yellows, greens, blues, and purples. The Bottom Line thread contains excellent examples of neutral colours. This thread is an extra fine thread and is suitable for quilting, applique, binding, bobbin thread, top thread, and detail embroidery. In many of these applications, a blending or neutral colour is preferred. If the bobbin thread pulls through and is slightly visible on the top, a neutral colour bobbin thread will blend and it will not be seen. If the desired quilting effect is to blend the thread in order to accent the stitching, a neutral colour will do this.

The original 25 colours of The Bottom Line were chosen for their neutral properties. For example, the red colour appears rather dark by itself; however, when a single strand is put against other medium to dark red colours, the thread almost disappears. The silver colour looks almost semi- transparent and blends beautifully when it is held up to almost any colour of fabric. All of the original 25 colours of The Bottom Line are neutral shades and blend beautifully within their respective colour groups. The first 25 colours were only the beginning. Libby Lehman, who helped Superior design The Bottom Line, requested many more colours of this thread. Our most recent addition of new 25 colours fill in the colour families by providing lighter, brighter, and darker shades.

The new colours will be more visible than the original neutral shades. Choose these colours when you want the thread to show. Choose the neutral shades when you want the colours to blend. To view the full range and for further information click here

Superior Masterpiece

Masterpiece is yet another example of why these threads are called 'Superior'. Made from the very best, pick of the crop, extra Long Staple Egyptian Cotton, this thread is 'Natures Finest Thread'

Masterpiece is a No.50/2 extra long Staple Egyptian Cotton that is ideal for today�s quilter. It is fine and smooth and a delight to work with. It is wonderful for piecing, quilting and also in the bobbin. Accuracy when piecing becomes instantly enhanced because Masterpiece creates a very smooth, flat and even seam which does not add any bulk. A flatter seam is especially important when sewing together blocks that contain many points.

For machine quilting, Masterpiece softly blends into the quilt layers and because it is made with the worlds best raw material there is very low lint and it is the strongest cotton thread available. This results in a cleaner sewing machine, less breakage, less frustration and less downtime. Kindly written by Alex Anderson-

To view the full range and for further information Click Here

Useful Hints & Tips

How do I store my thread?
Keep it out of direct sunlight and keep dust off it.  Thread does not need to be kept in a sealed bag, the refrigerator, or freezer. Keep it in a drawer or other container. If it is on the wall, keep a sheet over it to keep the dust away. And, most importantly, keep it out of view of husbands.

Whats the Shelf life of thread? 
Today's top quality thread should be perfectly fine to use 20 or 30 or more years from now.  However, thread from 15 or 20 years ago did not have the raw material quality or processing technology we have today so I don't recommend using it. It only takes a second, is very informative, with exclusive offers and educational 'how to do and if you dont like it, well, you can unsubscribe at any time!

For your peace of mind, we will not sell, give or loan your email address to anybody, any company or anything. Its private and we respect that.

Jonathan MacPherson
Managing Director
Barnyarns (Ripon) Ltd
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