Metallic CR20 - 2000m

Madeira Metallic CR 20 thread is a high-quality, premium metallic thread that adds a touch of elegance and shine to your sewing and embroidery projects. The thread is made of a polyester core wrapped in a layer of metallic foil, which gives it a brilliant, reflective surface that catches the light beautifully.

The Metallic CR 20 thread is a fine, lightweight thread with a thickness of 20. It comes in a large 2000m spool, making it an excellent choice for larger projects that require a lot of thread. It is suitable for a wide range of projects, including decorative stitching, machine embroidery, quilting, and more.

The thread has excellent strength and durability, making it resistant to breaking or fraying during use. It is also resistant to tarnishing, making it ideal for use in projects that require long-term storage or frequent handling.

Madeira Metallic CR 20 thread comes in a variety of colors, including gold, silver, bronze, and a range of other metallic shades. Its reflective surface and high-quality finish make it perfect for adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to any project. It is suitable for use on both light and dark fabrics and can be used in combination with other thread types for added depth and texture.

Overall, the large spool size and high-quality finish make Madeira Metallic CR 20 thread a great choice for anyone looking to create stunning and long-lasting projects that require a lot of metallic thread. Its strength, durability, and range of colors make it a versatile choice for a wide range of sewing and embroidery projects.

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