Masterpiece 50 2500yd Cones

Masterpiece is yet another example of why these threads are called 'Superior'. Made from the very best, pick of the crop, extra Long Staple Egyptian Cotton, this thread is 'Natures Finest Thread'.

Masterpiece is a No.50/3 extra long Staple Egyptian Cotton that is ideal for today’s quilter. It is fine and smooth and a delight to work with. It is wonderful for piecing, quilting and also in the bobbin. Accuracy when piecing becomes instantly enhanced because Masterpiece creates a very smooth, flat and even seam which does not add any bulk. A flatter seam is especially important when sewing together blocks that contain many points.

For machine quilting, Masterpiece softly blends into the quilt layers and because it is made with the worlds best raw material there is very low lint and it is the strongest cotton thread available. This results in a cleaner sewing machine, less breakage, less frustration and less downtime. -kindly written by Alex Anderson-

Recommended Needle is: Topstitch size 80/12.

Please note: We are building our stock of cones.  Cones that are marked as 'Backorder this item' can be added to your bag for delivery as soon as possible. We receive weekly deliveries from Superior USA.

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