Stabilisers & Waddings

Stabilizers are materials that are placed behind or under fabric to provide support and structure during sewing and embroidery. They are available in a range of types and weights, each suited for different fabrics and sewing techniques.

Some of the most common types of stabilizers include tear-away, cut-away, and wash-away stabilizers. Tear-away stabilizers are designed to be easily removed by tearing them away from the finished project. Cut-away stabilizers are more permanent, and are typically left in place as part of the finished project. Wash-away stabilizers dissolve in water, and are ideal for use with delicate fabrics or where the stabilizer needs to be completely removed.

Wadding, also known as batting or stuffing, is a material used to provide warmth and thickness to quilts and other textile projects. It is available in a range of materials, including cotton, wool, and polyester, and is available in a range of weights and thicknesses.

The choice of wadding depends on the desired finished look and feel of the project. Polyester wadding is lightweight and suitable for a variety of projects, while cotton wadding provides a more traditional feel and is ideal for quilts. Wool wadding provides warmth and has a natural loft, making it ideal for cold weather projects.

Stabilizers and waddings are essential materials for any textile project. The choice of stabilizer and wadding depends on the fabric, project, and desired finished look and feel. With a wide range of types and weights available, there is a stabilizer and wadding suitable for every project.