Heatnbond Fabric Fusibles

What is Heat n bond?

There are many ways to do appliqué and ways to speed up the quilting process. One of the favorite ways is to use adhesive to minimize the need for pinning or to finish a project all together.

Heatnbond fusible web is basically a sheet of glue attached to a transfer paper.  When heated the glue is activated and is then used to join two pieces of fabric together quickly and easily with little mess and fuss.  It is the perfect choice for applique and where two fabrics are to be joined without stitching.

There are some great features of Heat n Bond. Due to the paper-backing HeatnBond adhesives can be run through your INKJET printer. Thermoweb, convieniently produced pre cut pieces which can be seen here. If you don't have the pre-cut pieces, simply trim the heatnbond to an appropriate size to fit through your printer (typically A4. 

Place the sheet in the printer so that the ink will print on the paper side. Set your printer to draft, transparency or acetate settings (which puts out less ink) and print your design! (Just remember to print alphabet letters in reverse since the HeatnBond will be ironed to the back of your fabric. Do NOT use in a laser printer!! The heat from the laser printer will melt the adhesive inside your printer.)

Also, HeatnBond adhesive sheets can be run through your manual or computerized die-cut systems, such as AccuQuilt®, Cricut®, Silhouette®, Sizzix Eclipse®. Iron the adhesive onto the back of your fabric, trim the fabric to a size that will fit in your die-cut system and automatically cut out shapes, letters and other appliqué drawings! You may have to adjust the depth of your blade depending on the thickness of the fabric you are using. Be sure to test it on a scrap piece of fabric before running your real fabric through. And be sure to change your blade often, a sharp blade will yield the best results. Then simply peel off the back liner and iron it to your project! How easy is that!

Heatnbond Fusible Web Types

HeatnBond® Iron-On Adhesive is available in five different types and is frequently referred to as “Fusible Web” but it actually isn’t a web, it’s a solid sheet of adhesive. This means that you get edge to edge coverage on your appliqué shapes, no matter the size of appliqué with little to no fraying. The solid sheet of adhesive also eliminates puckering and bunching that can occur with other adhesive webs, saving time, materials and frustration; 

HeatnBond Ultrahold is the no-sew permanent adhesive. The sheet of glue is heavier and should be used for 'no Sew' applications such as the application of badges or applique where you don’t need to sew through afterwards. It’s great for adding embellishments, accents and details to quilts, wall hangings, home décor and costumes. In addition to all kinds of fabric, it can also be used on wood and canvas for other creative home décor projects!

HeatnBond Lite is the SEWABLE permanent adhesive. Use this when you need to sew the project, but you don’t want to spend your time pinning it all together. Iron your appliqués, edges and embellishments in place and then sew at your leisure. No more accidentally pinning yourself while handling the project. Iron your pieces into place and then sew as you normally would, the fabric remains flexible and the adhesive won’t gum up your needles. The perfect fusible for quilt making, creating costumes, table runners, placemats fabric applique and tons of other projects. You can also seal the edges with fabric paint, so it can also be used on sweatshirts, canvases and wall hangings!

HeatnBond FeatherLite is the lightest fusible in the range. It is a sewable permanent adhesive that is even lighter than Lite. This adhesive is perfect for baby quilts, thin summer quilts, wearables and especially for multi-layered projects such as landscape quilts. It gets buttery soft after washing and doesn’t even feel as if adhesive is part of the project. This heat activated adhesive has the strongest bonding power of any lightweight adhesive you can buy without adding any extra weight or stiffness. Suitable for fine fabrics and sheers.

HeatnBond Soft & Stretch Lite HeatnBond Lite Soft Stretch is a permanent lightweight, sewable, iron-on web adhesive specifically designed to move with your stretch fabric whilst maintaining a strong bond. HeatnBond Soft Stretch adds no extra bulk and maintains a soft hand after fusing. You can easily sew through the Lite version so is great to use on Knitwear, Stretch Denim, Spandex, Jersey Fabrics, Fleece & Flannels.

HeatnBond Soft & Stretch Ultra HeatnBond Ultra Soft Stretch is a permanent lightweight, sewable, iron-on web adhesive specifically designed to move with your stretch fabric whilst maintaining a strong bond. The Ultra version forms a stronger, more permanent bond than the Lite version. You can pass a needle through by hand or machine, but it is a little heavier. Ultra SoftStretch does add a little more bulk than the Lite version but still maintains an incredibly soft hand after fusing.

Heatnbond Fusible Fleece Thermoweb HeatnBond fusible fleece is great for quilting home decor and craft projects. Works with most fabrics. Adds loft and body to a project. Great for Aprons, costumes, garments, home decor, purses and bags, quilt applique, wearable art.  One side of the fleece is fusible

Application of Heatnbond

One of the big advantages of the heatnbond range is that the glue is activated without steam. No steam is required, Bondaweb for example works best with a damp cloth. When using Heatnbond there are no additional worries over whether the pressing cloth is to dry or not quite wet enough. 

Thermoweb quotes a fuse time of 2 seconds for the initial application. That’s quick! The quicker the product can be fused the Less chance of overheating/scorching. 

The application of the fused applique to the base fabric is also quick with an approximate fuse time of 6-8 seconds. These times are approximate though as there are many different conditions and many different types of materials that can be fused.