Madeira Classic 40 1000m

Madeira Rayon Thread 1000m spool is a high-quality embroidery thread made from 100% viscose rayon fiber. This versatile and reliable embroidery thread is known for its exceptional color fastness, beautiful sheen, and durability. The larger size of the 1000m spool is ideal for larger projects or for embroiderers who prefer to buy thread in bulk.

With its smooth stitching performance and high tensile strength, Madeira Rayon Thread 1000m spool is suitable for use in both hand and machine embroidery. It is available in a vast range of colors, making it easy to find the perfect shade for any embroidery project.

One of the key features of Madeira Rayon Thread 1000m spool is its exceptional color fastness. The dyeing process used by Madeira ensures that the thread retains its color even after repeated washings or exposure to sunlight. This makes it perfect for use in items that will be laundered frequently, such as clothing, linens, and towels.

Overall, Madeira Rayon Thread 1000m spool is a must-have for embroiderers who want to achieve beautiful and long-lasting results. Its exceptional quality, strength, and color fastness ensure that your embroidery projects will look vibrant and beautiful, even after repeated washing or exposure to sunlight.

Each 1000m mini cone will stitch 200,000 stitches.

The Recommended Needle is: Size 80/12

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