Microtex Needles

Schmetz Microtex needles are a type of sewing machine needle that are designed for use with microfiber fabrics, tightly woven fabrics, and synthetic fabrics. They have a very sharp, fine point that makes them ideal for precise stitching on delicate fabrics.

The needles come in a variety of sizes, typically ranging from 60/8 to 100/16. The smaller sizes are suitable for very lightweight fabrics, while the larger sizes can be used for heavier fabrics. The needle size should be chosen based on the weight and type of fabric being sewn.

Schmetz Microtex needles have a very slim, acute point that allows them to pierce through fabrics without causing damage or leaving visible holes. This makes them a great choice for projects that require fine, detailed stitching, such as quilting, applique, and embroidery.

In addition to microfiber fabrics, Schmetz Microtex needles can be used with a variety of other materials, including silk, organza, taffeta, and lightweight synthetic fabrics. They are a popular choice among sewers who work with delicate or difficult-to-sew fabrics, thanks to their precision and reliability.