Fire Fighter

FIREFIGHTER threads are flame and heat resistant embroidery threads indispensable to motor sport clothing, workwear and all kinds of protective clothing. In environments where there is a risk of garment ignition employers must ensure that their workforce is adequately protected by providing flame resistant clothing. 

FIREFIGHTER is also suitable for embroidering aeroplane seat cushions and for many other applications where fire resistant properties are necessary. When heat protection is required, it is important to have a complete set of fire resistant supplies, from top thread and bobbin thread to backing and scissors capable of cutting Aramid fibres.

Available in 24 colours on 950m mini cones only.

Please note, whilst we try at all times to hold a high level of stock, a very specialist thread such as Fire Fighter is not always kept in stock.  Please be aware of this and that there may well be a lead time of up to 10 working days.