Superior Threads Metallics

Machine metallic threads are the threads that cause more frustrations than any other. When I’m talking about threads the metallic threads are nearly always a ‘no go area’. This is because there are some pretty awful metallic threads out there which really are not suitable for the task, but on the other side of the coin there are some pretty brilliant metallic threads out there which are suitable for the task, like these.. these wonderful metallic threads by Superior Threads that will transform your sewing life!!

If you make me choose, it would be these metallic threads I would choose, every time, no questions. From raw material to sewing machine, these metallic threads perform better than all. If you successfully use metallics on your machine, you will have no surprises as these threads will work, if you have been put off metallic threads in the past due to snapping and other annoying issues, then using these will be a big surprise, because they will work.

Take a little care, familiarise yourself with how to correctly use a metallic thread by reading my ‘How to’ article here and then have a try… the results look beautiful.

Superior Metallic Threads are available on 500yd reels, 1090yd mini cones and super large 3280yd cones.

Glitter, which is a flat holographic thread is available on 400yd reels.