Topstitch Needles

Schmetz topstitch needles are a type of sewing machine needle that are specifically designed for topstitching and decorative stitching. They have an extra-large eye and a longer, sharper point than regular sewing needles, which allows them to easily penetrate through thicker fabrics and multiple layers of fabric.

The needles come in a variety of sizes, typically ranging from 80/12 to 100/16, with larger sizes suitable for heavier fabrics and threads. The larger eye of the needle allows for Metallic Thread and thicker thread to be used, creating a more prominent and decorative stitching effect.

Schmetz topstitch needles are also designed with a deep groove on the shaft to prevent skipped stitches and reduce thread breakage, even when working with heavy or dense fabrics. They are suitable for use with a range of fabrics, including denim, canvas, leather, and even vinyl.

Overall, Schmetz topstitch needles are a great choice for sewers looking to add decorative stitching or a professional touch to their projects. They are durable, reliable, and able to handle the demands of topstitching on a variety of fabrics.