Madeira Cotona 30 400m

10 gorgeous new variegated colours made from the highest quality, long staple, Egyptian cotton.

Madeira have used their clever understanding of colour to produced masterful blends of tone and intensity through subtle random colour changes. The colour variations change every 5-10cm adding texture and depth to the superb blending effects by hand or machine without the need for colour changes. Consider using the 60 solid colours of Cotona 30 in combination with the variegated reels for startling results.

Madeira Cotona No. 30 has a matt finish and creates a soft natural look and feel. Cotona 30 is ideal for: Quilting, Machine & hand embroidery & appliqué, overlocking and lace.

Supplied on large 400m Reels, these spools bring colour and quality to your work.

The Recommended Needle is: Size 80/12

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