Masterpiece 50 2500yd Cones

Superior Threads Masterpiece is a high-quality cotton thread that is designed for use in quilting, piecing, and other sewing applications.

Masterpiece has excellent strength as it made from extra-long staple Egyptian cotton, which is known for its superior strength and durability. This means that the thread is less likely to break or snap during sewing, even when used for heavy-duty applications.

Masterpiece has minimal lint due to the quality of the raw materials used and the processes it goes through in manufacture to remove excess lint and debris, resulting in a cleaner sewing experience with less buildup in your machine. This also means that your finished project will have a cleaner, more professional appearance.

Superior threads pride themselves on the consistency of the thread so Masterpiece has a smooth and consistent texture, which helps it glide smoothly through fabric and create even stitches. This is especially important for quilting and piecing, where precise stitching is key to achieving a high-quality finished product.

With a wide range of colours and Eco friendly credentials, Superior Threads Masterpiece is a fantastic choice of thread for quilters and embroiderers.

Please note: We are building our stock of cones.  Cones that are marked as 'Backorder this item' can be added to your bag for delivery as soon as possible. We receive weekly deliveries from Superior USA.