Superior Chrome Needles

Superior Threads have introduced yet another fantastic needle, the chrome plated, topstitch professional grade needle.

The Chrome plated needles have three major benefits over the regular needles.

1. The chrome plating reduces fabric damage. Chrome allows the needle to slip through the fabric with less resistance compared to conventional sewing machine needles and also allows the thread to pass through the Needle eye with less resistance.

2. The Chrome needles are of the Topstitch style. Topstitch needles have a larger eye (nearly twice as long as a universal needle), a deeper groove (to help protect the thread from excessive abrasion during stitch formation), and a light sharp point.

3. The Chrome needle is very durable, the chrome plating provides a protective coating and makes it resistant to corrosion.

For years now, chrome has been the needle of choice by industry professionals and now they are available for our home sewing machines. Like the industrial machines, our home machines now sew so fast that the chrome needle becomes the natural partner, sewing at high speeds without skipping a beat.

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