Maraflex STRETCH 150m

Elastic fabrics are on trend. They are comfortable to wear, stable and tear-resistant. 

In order to ensure outfits of jersey and/ or stretch material fit perfectly, they need elastic seams and Gutermann Maraflex sewing thread is just the ticket!

Maraflex stretch thread, allows the fabric to stretch more than it would with a standard sewing thread allowing the clothes to move with you. Designed specifically for household sewing machines, you can create elastic seams using straight stitch without an overlocker or coverlock sewing machine.

With a seam stretch of up to 80 %, this sewing thread is particularly flexible. It is perfect for sewing light to medium-weight knitwear and elastic woven fabrics, such as jersey or fabrics with elastane. Use Maraflex both in the top and the bottom with a low top tension, to enable the seam to expand as needed For the optimum elasticity use four stitches per centimetre.

Applications for this thread include but are not limited to, necklines, tight seams or cuffs on the legs and sleeves, hoodies, joggers and children's trousers. You also no longer need to trim non-fray fabrics, simply cut off the seam allowance close to the edge – and that is it.

Maraflex has been manufactured using Micro Core Technology.. MCT. is the unique microfilament polyester-based core spun technology – Made in Germany.


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