Metallic 40 200m

Trying to turn real metal into a smooth-sewing thread is not an easy task. Don't go for 'cheap' metallic threads, there are quality metallic threads available, like these threads from Madeira, at prices less expensive than some of those very poor imitators.

Metallic 40 is the standard weight and Madeira’s original and most widely used metallic machine embroidery thread, with an unmatched colour range for all home machines.

You must use a Topstitch needle size 90/14 when embroidering with metallic threads with your tension down to '1'.

The Spool Value Equation 

A typical embroidery design contains 6,000 stitches in 6 colours. This means that a 200m spool with it's 40,000 stitches will produce 40 designs on average. That's plenty of thread for most home users. In fact with the spool size, you can afford to buy thread more often and experiment with new colours and textures.

Remember 200m = 40,000 stitches 40 designs per spool on average.

The recommended needle for the No.30 Metallic thread is Topstitch Size 90/14

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