Madeira Aerolock 125 1200m

Madeira Aerolock 125 thread is a high-quality, 100% polyester overlocking thread that is designed for use in sergers and overlock machines. This thread is known for its excellent strength, durability, and colorfastness, making it perfect for use in high-speed sewing and serging applications.

The thread has a unique twist construction that ensures excellent stitch formation and a smooth finish. Madeira Aerolock 125 thread is also lint-free, which means that it won't create unsightly fuzz on your project.

Madeira Aerolock 125 thread is available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to match the thread to the fabric and achieve a professional-looking finish. The thread is designed to resist shrinkage, ensuring that your finished garment or textile retains its shape after washing.

This specific thread is a thinner weight, with a tex size of 27, making it perfect for use in lightweight fabrics or for creating more delicate effects.

Overall, Madeira Aerolock 125 thread is a reliable and versatile choice that will deliver excellent results every time. Whether you are creating a garment, a home decor item, or a craft project, Madeira Aerolock 125 thread is a must-have for any serger or overlock machine.

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